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Drip Irrigation Systems

Simba International is the leading Drip Irrigation System exporters/dealers/suppliers in DR Congo.

We provide the best Drip Irrigation system which is designed using advanced technology. Our system is easy to use, reliable, compact design and provides excellent performance for a longer time. We are one of the most reputed Exporters/dealers or suppliers of Drip Irrigation system in DR Congo. These systems are highly demanded in the agriculture field for irrigation purpose. These Drip irrigation systems are cost-effective.

    Why Drip Irrigation

    Saves Water – The products are designed to save one of the most important natural resources – water by up to 70% water in comDR Congoon to flood irrigation.

  • Drip Irrigation is an efficient and economical way of irrigation.
  • Many water-soluble fertilizers can be used simultaneously, so that the nutrients remain in the root zone and the plants can derive the greatest possible benefit from the application of fertilizer.
  • More land is cultivated to produce higher yield.
  • Farmers witnessed increase in yield up to 175 %. by using Drip Irrigation.
  • There is a consistent growth of crops which is healthier, of superior quality and matures faster.
  • Early maturity results in higher and faster returns on investment.
  • The adequate water supply complements the efficiency of fertilizers.
  • It is a comprehensive system where fertilizer and chemical treatment can be given through the Micro Irrigation System itself.

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