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Chicago Compressor/Generator

Chicago Compressor/Generator Suppliers, Exporters, Dealers in Pune, India, Kinshasa, DR Congo, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda

Simba International is one of the global Chicago Compressor/Generator suppliers, exporters in Pune, India, Kinshasa, DR Congo, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda. With more than years of experience in the field, Chicago Pneumatics has earned a reputation for providing reliable and durable power solutions. Our wide range of air compressors is designed to meet the needs of a diverse range of applications, from small workshops to large-scale industrial operations.

We have a solution that will suit your demands, whether you require a compressor for a small home workshop or a generator for a sizable commercial enterprise. Our mobile diesel generators and compressors are built with the highest levels of dependability and efficiency. To make sure your equipment is operating smoothly and safely, we offer a large selection of accessories.

Benefits of Chicago Pneumatics Compressors/ Generators

Compressors and generators from Chicago Pneumatic compressor provide a wealth of advantages for customers who require dependable power. They are long-lasting, durable, and engineered for efficiency.

Also, these are simple to maintain, guaranteeing that your equipment will continue to function properly for many years. Also, we provide first-rate customer service.

Any queries or worries you may have can be addressed by our qualified engineers and experts. We can swiftly and safely get your equipment up and running while also offering installation services.

What Makes our Compressors and Generators exporters, dealers Stand Out?

The Chicago Pneumatics compressors and generators are designed to provide the highest levels of performance and reliability. We use the latest technology to ensure that our products are efficient and durable. As well as advanced design features, we also use quality components to ensure that our products are built to last.

We also offer a wide range of accessories, including air filters, regulators, lubricants, and many more. This ensures that you have everything you need to keep your equipment running at peak performance.


Product Name Chicago Pneumatics Compressor/Generator
Brand Simba International
Operating Voltage (in Volts) 220 – 240 V
Power Source AC Single Phase
Frequency (in Hz) 50 - 60
Application Industrial

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