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We Simba International are leading Drip irrigation system Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, and Dealers in Pune. We provide the best drip irrigation system and raise our name and reputation globally in the domain of agricultural.

Drip Irrigation System & its importance

Drip irrigation becomes the most important part for every farm. To keep roots or crops stress free or strain free and even prevent from over watering, drip irrigation system works better. This system has been installed at the farm and gives vital information to the farmer. Our team come at your location check and analysis detailed soil type, water, crop, land type and other regarding other details and then we designed a suitable drip irrigation system. With this system, a required water quantity will provide at each plant’s root and helps to grow crops.

Drip Irrigation System Manufacturers in Pune

Technical Parameters of Drip Irrigation System

Application Agricultural, Farm
Body Material Plastic
Colour Black
Brand Simba International
Components Lateral pipe, inline & online dripper

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