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Electrical Contactor

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Simba International is the best Electrical Contactor manufacturers, suppliers in Pune, India, Kinshasa, DR Congo, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda. We are also exporters, dealers of Electrical Contactors. With our vast selection of products, you are sure to find exactly what you need for your project. We provide a unique combination of quality and reliability that sets us apart from our competitors.

Our professionals are dedicated to delivering superior customer service and providing top-notch magnetic contactor at competitive prices. We strive to ensure that all our customers have access to the best Electrical Contractor solutions available on the market today.

Description of Electrical Contactors

Electrical Contactors are an integral part of any electrical system. These are used to switch and control the flow of electricity in a variety of applications, from industrial machines to home appliances. The use of these motor contactors has many benefits, including increased safety, improved energy efficiency, and cost savings.

Power contactors provide increased safety and reduce power consumption. It offers significant safety benefits over manual switching options. This is due to the increased speed and precision of electrical contacts, which are not jammed or obstructed by human factors like fingers, hands, and tools.

Additionally, it reduces the overall electricity consumption because this switches out high-energy tasks for low-energy tasks in real time – meaning less energy is used overall when compared to manually switching devices on and off.

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Uses of Electrical Contactors

Electrical Contactors are essential components in any electrical system. These are used to control and protect electrical circuits, motors and other devices.

Electrical Contactors used to switch current on and off quickly and safely, making them ideal for controlling large amounts of electricity.

Electrical Contactor used for various purposes which includes controlling motors, protecting circuits from overloads, providing power to lights and appliances and providing a safety shut-off mechanism for hazardous areas.

Below are some Specifications

Product Name Electrical Contactors
Brand Simba International
Switching Current (in Ampere) 100 A
No of Poles 3, 4
Frequency (in Hertz) 50 - 60
Application Industrial

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